Sicherheitstipps für Heimwerker

It is known that this is happening at home. In total, it is around 900 per day and thus over 300.00 accidents per year, which can be in the house or the apartment. It’s a great place to stay, and it’s a great place to stay. Instead of hooking the hobby with fear, DIY enthusiasts can take several tips to avoid dangerous situations.

Drilling machine and safety equipment

When working with the drilling machine, care must be taken in the wall. For this purpose it is advisable to purchase the equipment. Before you begin to drill, you should check if the attachment is firmly anchored in the drill and the thread is working properly. A vertical handle of the drill to the wall, help to a safe working process. For safety, the handyman should always wear the correct gloves and safety goggles when drilling, in order to avoid the possibility of penetrating loose slivers. Equally important is the proper footwear, with the use of certified safety shoes. Starting from a certain volume is further advised,

Work on the ladder

The handyman should be careful to work with professional tools and a solid equipment. A checklist, which is processed before each work. For example, it is advisable to dispense with provisional reinforcements, such as chairs (in particular, office chairs), stools, table books. If it is not, it is not. Not only the case itself, but also the handheld instruments, such as an electric drill, lead to serious injuries in the fall. If the right ladder is in the middle of the road,The conductors must be placed on a solid and straight ground in order to avoid possible tipping over. It is advisable to move the ladder rather than perform circus-mature balancing acts.

Image: gualtiero boffi